ian's iBeat v.1.4c Audio Loop Generator iBeat Screenshot
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  • ian's iBeat is an 8-Track-Softwaresequenzer for production of one-bar Audio-Loops.

  • Users could program patterns simply per mouse click. The interface is designed like a hardware sequenzer for great eas of use. You could use Your own samples to create new loops. The program is Realtime- and Drag&Drop-able, even the skins are changeable.

  • Test iBeat Online! (4-Track Web Version,
    V.1.15/Release 22/Jun/01, 1017KB,
    Shockwave Plugin Version 8 and above needed)

    Things the web version can't do:
    • It features four rather than eight tracks
    • It does not have stereo faders
    • It's not editable in realtime
    • It's not editable in the multi mode
    • It cannot save anything or record audio
    • It does not have a status bar

 ian's dbEmail adress database dbEmail alpha 0.1 Screenshot
Release: 2002
  • Did You ever become angry about the adress book of Your e-Mail-client? Did Your database ever crash and You had to seach for hundreds of e-Mail-adresses again? No vbackup? All adresses printed out or as an HTML-document could have saved You?

  • That's exactly what we are thinking! Therefore we're currently developing dbEMail - Your personal adress database with HTML-export and printing features! We do not want to reveal more then that for now, but dbEMail will be a serious problem solver, we guess... Watch out!