Bumper! The cute Bumper Car Derby for Your spare time
Bumper Main Menu Bumper Game Screenshot
Bumper! is our latest child:

Play against the computer or against a companion - this game's all about destruction! Speed up one time and aim straight... If You get the nuts elderly woman, You'll receive 1000 points bonus; the last one alive is the winner! Bumper! is a simple version of the all-time classic Destruction Derby. Our Bumper Cars just drive a little more strange... Bumper! fits zipped on a single 1,44-MB-Disk.

V.1.0 Win (Rel.29/Mar/01) Download it...

 Major! Become a major label boss!
Major! Main Screen Do You remember game classics like the unbeleivable Mad TV or the deadly funny Biing!? Soon we will present a furious remake:

In Major! You will become the Audio Engineer Chuck, who tries to bring his newly-founded record label to the top. You could help him against enemies like the evil "No Money", other label bosses like Pete Stone or Richard Bradson, or European music industry spies... Help him to find musicians who are able to produce one worldwide hit after another and become a Major!, too!

 Major! Strategy, Release: 2002
 recent version: 0.1